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Hi-Grade VGA High-Grade VGA $11.00

Camera Mount Camera Mount $3.00

Drop ceiling camera mount for security cameras

Magnetic Wifi Magnetic Wifi $12.00

Placed on the auto's roof, this magnetic antenna allows for laptops and other devices to be truly mobile with a greater distance of connectivity.

Modular Cable Modular Cable $1.99

14 foot Modular 6p4c Straight for data cable

Motion Sensor Motion Sensor $11.00

These awesome devices permit lights, cameras,  or other devices to be activated when motion is detected.  Comes with the ability to regulate how long the device stays active after motion ceases.

Phone Cable Phone Cable $2.00

7 foot common telephone wire

Power Cord Power Cord $4.99

6 foot (UL) AC Shielded Power Cord for virtually all desktop computer and other devices.  Available in cream and black.

RCA to 3.5mm RCA to Audio $1.99

Stereo adapter rca F to 3.5mm plug

USB Charger USB Charger $3.99

This wall charger converts to allow for 5v devices (usb) to charge phones, etc.

USB Floppy USB Floppy $9.00

Floppy drive via usb by Mad Dog

USB iPhone USB iPhone $7.99

Skype or other voip phone via usb

Vid Cooler Vid Cooler $17.75

This lighted fan sits atop a large heatsink typically used to cool gamer video cards suitable for most nvidia and Ati

Wifi w/Antenna Wifi w/Antenna  $9.00

Very adaptable wifi add-on via usb with replaceable antenna (other sizes available including magnetic rooftop mount for autos )

USB Hub USB Hub $2.99

Turn 1 available usb into 4 adapter


Use usb to IEEE devices (printers, etc.)

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